WHAT IS HIV STIGMA? HIV stigma includes negative beliefs, feelings, and attitudes towards people living with HIV. Stigma can lead to unfair treatment of people with HIV and make it harder for people to seek prevention and care services. See more about HIV stigma here: UCSF Library – HIV/AIDS Stigma.
To end HIV, less distress for people with HIV, and improve the lives of people with HIV, we MUST ADDRESS AND STOP HIV STIGMA.

WHAT IS THE POSITIVE VISIONS PROJECT? The Positive Visions project invited 18 men and women living with HIV to tell their story of HIV and talk specifically about stigma – their experience of stigma, how they manage the effects of stigma, and what they believe needs to happen to stop the harmful effects of stigma – via pictures. On this site they bravely tell and share their stories of their choice to help educate everyone about HIV and stigma, support other people with HIV, and encourage viewers to get additional help and information. To view the stories, use the “Stories” tab above.

The tabs at the top of this page direct you to additional HIV related resources. If you have any questions about the Positive Visions Project, contact Dr. Michelle Teti at tetim@health.missouri.edu.